Stephen (sir_alf) wrote,

Day two: Experiment suspended

I was really, really spacey for the rest of the day after trying my first breakfast and lunch replacement of soylent. After a dinner of tacos, I was back to normal, but I was determined to try to press on.

Day 2, I brought some emergency food with me (Orange Juice for sugar, Doritos for salt, both of which might have been the cause of dizziness). I filled up my Soylent bottle and drank it a bit faster, finishing my breakfast by 10:30am.

I was still getting dizzy.


I had my OJ with it and then some chips after, but neither were really helping. By lunch, I gave in and went and got some Wendy's.

For now, I think I have to suspend my Soylent experiment, alas. A guy at work is buying my second bag. I want to try again, but if I do, I will start when I've got some time off so that I don't get loopy at work and have quicker access to backup food. I also will experiment with flavoring. I'm hoping they come up with a version that as no sucralose in it, which this version does.

Sad, but carrying on.

Any suggestions for what potentially complicated life choice I should flirt with next?
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