The Autobiography of Nobody Important

17 October 1971
In this journal you will find the ramblings of a sparsely published writer, a dedicated gaming geek, a recovering wage slave, a rambling political malcontent, a guy who's a bit of a perv, a pagan priest, a person working towards sainthood, a violent and argumentative basket-case, a fabulous one-night stand, a sometimes wanderer, a fulltime adventurer, a starry eyed dreamer, a optimistic realist, a relative absolutist, a mediocre artist, and a world class procrastinator.

Unsuprisingly, all of the above is found in one long haired, tatooed, fleshy caucasian me.

And in truth, I'm really not world class. I probably only procrastinate on a national level.

Aside from infrequent updates about my daily life and thoughts that should probably not be recorded by anyone, you'll find information on my journal channeled through the following filters:

The first is entitled Squishy Thoughts and it's ostensively about sex. Warning: It's my random thoughts on the subject and some attempts at prose, not wall-to-wall spank material. You have been alerted.

The second is entitled, due to a remarkable lack of creativity, Writing. The goal is I'll be writing there, hopefully daily. It's not finished, may one day be published, kind of stream of consciousness, may be end-in-the-middle-of-a-sentence kind of experimentation.

Lastly, I started writing poetry. Tremble and cover your ears.

Ask me if'n you'd like to be on any or all. I'm likely to say yes.

P.S. Everything in this journal, publicly posted or filtered, is copyrighted by me unless otherwise noted

P.P.S. I have a couple of other notable online presences: I write a blog about being diabetic. It's called Sugar Turned On Me and is one part advice and three parts sharing of experiences. I have another blog called B+ Movies dedicated to best and worst flicks you've never heard of. I also have designed a couple of T-Shirts for Ziraxia.com. Please check them out </begging>. Peace.

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